6F – RE lesson – Easter

This week in RE 6F learnt about the Easter story. We linked the story to sacrifice, forgiveness and miracles. The class were divided on what they thought were miracles. Some thought the everday events we looked at were miracles and some thought they were luck or coincince. What do you think the images below are? Luck? coincidence? miracle?


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  1. 1012011db says:

    Aww that baby is cute what is the Easter post about? Let me know on my comment or tell me when you see me

  2. CI CI says:

    I think that the cute baby could have been a miracle!

  3. 1012011dl says:

    I enjoyed learning about Easter and I cant wait to find out even more facts!

  4. 1012011pg 1012011pg says:

    I think that the shooting star is luck, the turtle is a coincidence and the baby is a miracle.

  5. 1012011ls says:

    1.the turtle is luck because it needs to get all the way to the ocean from the edge of the beach.
    2.the baby could be miracle luck or coincidence due to the fact that everybody is in different conditions.
    3.a shooting star is luck because you don’t see them very often due to the fact that they are extremely rare.

  6. 1012011ci1 says:

    The ester post is about forgiveness, miracle ,sacrifice.

  7. 1012011lg 1012011lg says:

    I think The Baby is a miracle because if someone can’t have a baby then someone might give them there’s if it is a family member so they can still be a mum because if people didn’t do that it wouldn’t be fair on those who cant have babies I would do that for someone

  8. 1012011am says:

    And you are a good frened to all of us

  9. 1012011am says:

    do you think that miss will be proud of you

  10. 1012011rl1 says:

    I found this lesson very intresting to learn and I hope it will never end

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