practise SATS reading!

SATS is coming up lets practise.





click on the picture below to find more facts about what mint happen in your SATS reading

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7 Responses to practise SATS reading!

  1. abigail leece says:

    these books really help us with our sats

  2. 1012011lg 1012011lg says:

    I am nervous about our SATS I don’t think I am going to do well.

  3. 1012011cc says:

    We enjoy doing our sat busters to help with our knowledge .

  4. 1012011rk says:

    I like having the sat buster book because it helps me with a lot of things like grammar and reading

  5. 1012011ci1 says:

    I really enjoy doing the reading SAT buster booklets. It’s really helping me feel confident for SATS.

  6. 1012011ls says:

    I enjoy reading especially harry potter as it is m favourite film and book Lexi Sudworth

  7. Megan Morris says:

    I love the revision resources for the young children, I know they really helped me – Megan Morris

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