All about what life was like during WW2

In ww2, everyone had to carry gas mask around with them. Scaring all the little children, every time they had to wear them, the parents had to trick them into it. The gas masks the children had to wear were called Mickey Mouse gas masks as they looked like Mickey Mouse. The masks, which sucked in the air and took out the poison, saved many lives. These miracles come in three different kinds of sizes, an Adult, a baby and a child sized one. The baby Gas mask had to be pumped by an adult 40 times a minute. Therefore, the baby wouldn’t die from the poison.

This is what the Air Raid Shelter looked like when you were inside. When a German bomb went off, people would come here for better protection as the Air Raid Shelters were bomb proof. The people in Manchester, who would come here for safety, thought that are Shelters were better than the ones that they had at home. The shape of this tunnel is a horse-shoe shape as it is a strong supporting shape. The walls made from sandstone (a coarse, rough surface), were extremely strong and could withstand the bombs. The stiff bunk beds, which were not as comfy as you would expect, is what they had to cope with at night. Without light in the tunnels, it would be pitch black.

 By Harriet.

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