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Chisom’s 2code game!

 In computing, we had to make our own games. Click the image to play my game!

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The greatest show!

We had to write a positive and a negative circus review on the first show from The Greatest Showman! This is Grace’s work! This is Arian’s work!  

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Stained glass windows!

Hope everybody’s ready to make some stained glass windows on TOMORROW!

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Get ready for prom and many other exciting events now that we have finished SATS!!!!

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Countdown till SATS!!!

    Until SATS lets keep on practising! WE ARE GONNA DO AMAZING!!!!! Click the red image to get on a online countdown till SATS!    

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Bring your jars! PLEASE!

We need more jars for our art project. If you have any empty jars at home, bringing them in would be helpful!

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Khan Academy: one of the best learning websites!

   On this website, you can explore maths and english, learning different skills. You can look at any year group and there’s a section just for high school – which is really helpful! You can even look at specific SAT skills! Also, comment your score on one of the quizzes on the website for COUNTERS!!!

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ICT: 2code!

In 6F we have enjoyed creating 2code things!

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Acting out the blood circulatory system!

We all learnt about the blood circulatory system and enjoyed doing it as well!

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In class, we have learned about suspense stories! What’s your fave suspense book?

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