Welcome to Year 6

Highlights  for learning this term include:

Religious Education





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24 Responses to Welcome to Year 6

  1. 1012011ja says:

    I love learning about fossils they are so interesting and and I love that it takes o er 1,000,000 years to be come a fossil men t is interesting about all of the steps of becoming a fossil

  2. 1012011ja says:

    I love school it is the best my favrot lesson is science

  3. 101wrigleyj says:

    Well done Jack! You are the first to comment on our blog and will receive 10 tokens tomorrow- fantastic!

  4. 1012011da says:

    I cant wait to learn more about evolution and inheritance but world war two and Judaism are equally interesting too!

  5. 1012011bp says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about our topic is really intresting

  6. 1012011bp says:

    I can’t wait to learn more

  7. Hollie E says:

    I really enjoy learning about the world war 2 and I’m excited to learn lots more

  8. Keegan says:

    I liked this lesson mrs wrigley

  9. 1012011lh says:

    I love learning about war and about the evacuees

  10. 1012011bp says:

    This is the best topic is the best i have learnt so much about ww2 and Hitler.

  11. 1012011em says:

    I love learning about World War 2 and its interesting.

  12. 1012011kb says:

    i love to learn about fossils and how they are formed is very interesting

  13. 1012011dl1 says:

    I wanna bring back WW2 topic it was the best topic.

  14. 1012011kb says:

    i am so interested and want to learn more with the topics we are learning about and it what we are learning about .in reading when we have been learning about the boy stripped pyjamas has helped me a lot in re learning about the jews today

  15. 1012011sr says:

    I really liked learning about world war 2 because it was fun and it is something good to learn about.

  16. 1012011kb says:

    I enjoy learning about ww2 because of the songs because they are so catchy and I love reading the boy in the striped pyjamas

  17. 1012011kb says:

    our topic is really interseting and i can not wait to read more of the boy in the striped pyjamas

  18. 1012011kb says:

    I really enjoyed learning about ww2 and I am so glad we ended it with watching the boy in the stripped pyjamas

  19. 1012011ca says:

    I learnt lots of information about ww2 and I really enjoyed reading the boy in the striped pyjamas.

  20. 1012011kb says:

    i am so interested in all of our old topics that i do not want to stop learning more i cant wait till i am more interested in our new ones

  21. 1012012ki says:

    learning about world war one is a pleasure because it is so fasanating I wonder how learning about world war two will be like.

  22. 1012012lw says:

    learning, about the treanches was very fasanating and i loved learning about the treanches thankyou for teaching us tjhis

  23. 1012012le says:


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