Welcome to Year 6

Highlights  for learning this term include:

Religious Education





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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Year 6”

  1. I love learning about fossils they are so interesting and and I love that it takes o er 1,000,000 years to be come a fossil men t is interesting about all of the steps of becoming a fossil

  2. i am so interested and want to learn more with the topics we are learning about and it what we are learning about .in reading when we have been learning about the boy stripped pyjamas has helped me a lot in re learning about the jews today

  3. i am so interested in all of our old topics that i do not want to stop learning more i cant wait till i am more interested in our new ones

  4. learning about world war one is a pleasure because it is so fasanating I wonder how learning about world war two will be like.

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