HF4U workshop 1

This morning year 6 took part in workshop 1 of the HF4U programme. We discussed overcoming obstacles and famous people who haven’t had the best possible start in life but have gone on to achieve unbelieavable things. We also completed tasks relating to strengths we all have and how these can be used to achieve the things we want to in the future.

We watched a video about someone very famous who achieved success against the odds.

Can you figure out who it is before the end of the video?



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2 Responses to HF4U workshop 1

  1. 1012011ca says:

    I love d this session because it showed me that not all rich people are born rich .

  2. 1012011cw1 says:

    It was cool to learn about Colonel Sander and how he became ‘The KFC Guy’ as I call him

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