What makes us good ‘Digital Citizens’?

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Which of the 9p’s can you remember from our learning in our digital citizenship lesson?

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  1. 1012012cn says:

    Password is the first P .When you have a password you must try not to make it obvious.Longer passwords are better as it is harder for people to to get into your account. Instead of numbers or letter use symbols.

  2. 1012012jw says:

    One of the words that I can remember is property.
    Property means copy right and permission to post other peoples work.

    So if you were doing an essay you can’t copy and paste someone else’s work.

  3. 1012012mm says:

    I can remember the word permission.
    This means that you have to ask before you visit any sites, (inappropriate) games or anything that may be beyond your age level. For example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat.
    Inappropriate games ( pegi 16 games or over) can include Watchdog, Farcry, Call of Duty and Mafia.

  4. 1012012cc says:

    professionalism is where you speak in a professional type way so using the right grammar in text. Example: My name is Caileb, My best friend is Ayhan. This would be professional where as this example wouldnt. Example: Yo m8 Y u not answerin my txt

  5. 1012012mc says:

    One word I can remember is property.
    Property means that you can’t just use someone else’s work without their permission or without crediting them.
    For example, if you re-uploaded a comic that you saw on a social media sight without crediting the original maker and/or having their permission, you would be breaking the Copyright Law and not you wouldn’t be following on of the nine P’s.

  6. 1012012eo says:

    To be a good digital citizen you need to keep your personal information private.You shouldn’t share your phone number,where you live,your age or your name(last name).

  7. 1012012mw says:

    Professionalism is trying to make the right decisions and think before you post something.

  8. 1012012ki says:

    Professionalism means that you have to speak and act professionally, using the correct grammar and I know that because I have the best teacher.

  9. 1012012sm says:

    The word I tip I remember is consider Personal Brand – it is where you may post a nasty comment, but then at a job interview it comes back and then they don’t give you the job.

  10. 1012012tc says:

    As you should know, there are 9p’s one off them is professionalism. Professionalism is when you make the right decisions and thinking before you send a picture or text someone. It is aways best to keep safe.

  11. 1012012ld says:

    To be a good digital citizen you need to keep your personal information private . You should not share your phone number address age name (last name).

  12. 1012012ml says:

    Password : if you have a password , you will want to have one that will not be obvious too other people. Such as not putting your date of birth, pets name or your name. And other obvious passwords like 12345 or a best friends name .

  13. 1012012aa1 says:

    Professionalism is where you type professionally on the internet as well as when you write a blog. For example: Hi my name is Ayhan and my best friend is Caileb. A bad example would be: Yo m8 are u playin out

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