The Finches Investigation ; science

In 6H, we’ve been learning about evolution.

To help with our understanding, we did an investigation on which tools picked up the most food in 30 seconds. The tools we used were cocktail sticks, tweezers, spoons and pegs and the food items were raisins, spaghetti and lentils. After that we wrote the results into a table then turned it into a graph.

Here are some examples:

Which tools worked best for your group?

Did any of the results surprise you?

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30 Responses to The Finches Investigation ; science

  1. 1012012ep says:

    The best tool for my group (challenge champions)was the cocktail stick picking up the raisins.

  2. 1012012fr1 says:

    I loved doing this experiment. It made me feel like a finch (the bird we were doing the experiment about)

  3. 1012012mc says:

    I was surprised by how little spaghetti we managed to get with the spoon. I thought that we’d get at least ten pieces, however we actually got just one piece.
    In our group, most of the tools preformed quite similarly, but the tweezers and the cocktail stick were the overall champions.

  4. 1012012ms says:

    Doing this experiment was fun because you could find out what tool worked best and in our group the spoon worked best for the raisns.

  5. 1012012cn says:

    In my group the tweezers were the best tool as they help to keep the object still. Surprisingly, the cocktail stick worked well with the raisins.

  6. 1012012mm says:

    Actually, quite a few of the results surprised me. I thought we would at least get some spaghetti with the spoon. My team (you can see our results in the second book) found that the tweezers was the best tool for picking up the food items: spaghetti, lentils and raisins.

  7. 1012012fr1 says:

    This experiment decided which finch beak could pick up different food (spaghetti, lentils and raisins)

  8. 1012012ml says:

    Doing this experiment, I really enjoyed it: it amused me because I thought some of the things were impossible. These challenges showed how the evolution of the bird flinches.

  9. 1012012cc says:

    I was taking pictures on an ipad so I didn’t try the tools but i was most surprised when the spoon got the least for lentils.

  10. 1012012lw says:

    This was a very inspiring investigation and it helped a lot with my understanding with bar charts thank you a lot for letting us do this I loved it and cannot wait for more bar chart work.

  11. 1012012ld says:

    The best tool for my group was the tweezers to pick up the raisins.

  12. 1012012jw says:

    I really enjoyed the finches experiment, the best tool was the cocktail stick against raisins.

  13. 1012012es says:

    The tool that worked best for my group was the tweezers . What was your best tool to use for the food ?

  14. 1012012is says:

    Which tool worked for you? Our’s was the spoon.

  15. 1012012sk says:

    Working with many different tools, I thoroughly enjoyed this absolutely amazing science lesson where we used a variety of foods such as lentils, raisins and spaghetti. This lesson was tons of fun! 😛

  16. 1012012ml says:

    The best tool that worked for us was the tweezers.

  17. 1012012ml says:

    The best tool that worked for us was the tweezers. I really injoyed the lesson.

  18. 1012012mc says:

    This lesson was extremely fun, me and my group worked well together and found that the cocktail stick didn’t work very well.

  19. Isabella says:

    This was so interesting to do with are lovely helping teacher who taught us through it. I hope we get to do this again .

  20. Isabella smith says:

    This was so interesting to do with are lovely helping teacher who taught us through it. I hope we get to do this again .

  21. 1012012lw says:

    i have just been looking at bar charts and it made me remember how much fun this one was to do

  22. 1012012lu says:

    This experiment was so much fun! The best tool that worked for us were the tweezers and the one that surprised me was the peg because I thought that it would be easy to pick things up with it but actually it was one of the hardest.

  23. 1012012le says:

    I liked the maths because it was a game!

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