In Music, as we are learning about Ancient Egypt, we have learned and performed a song, which has helped us with our knowledge on our new Topic. This song was quite catchy and we couldn’t help singing it out of Music too. We hope you enjoy our performance- please leave us a comment!

Year 6’s Calenders

Year 6 used paint and black card to create their calendars.They chose one colour and little by little, added white to create a lovely effect. They chose an animal to trace and copy onto card to create their silhouette which turned out lovely. Here are just a few from Year 6.

Music- Songs that won the War!

Year 6 have loved thier Music sessions, where they have listened and performed to different songs sang during WWII, to lift the nation’s spirit. In week 1, the children listened to songs by Vera Lynn, who was known as the ‘Nations Sweetheart’. Pupils loved listening and singing along to this classic tune. This week in session 2, … Read moreMusic- Songs that won the War!