Week 2 ~ Monday 20th April ~ Writing

Writing ~ Sharing a Shell

This week your two writing activities link to the wonderful Julia Donaldson story ‘Sharing a Shell’. If you have got the book at home ask someone to read it to you or if not click on the link below and watch the story. Once you have listened to the story complete the activities.

1. Can you write a retell of the story? First draw a story map like we do in school. Draw what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Can you verbally retell the story to somebody using your story map? Now write a retell of the story ~ remember to use your writing targets. When you have finished, read your story to somebody in your house. Did they enjoy it?

2. Can you write a character description of one of the characters from the story? First draw or find a picture of your chosen character. Can you think of adjectives (describing words) to describe your character. Use your writing targets to write a character description. When you have finished, read your character description to somebody in your house.

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