Week 11 ~ Monday 29th June ~ Maths (CLIC)

Count to 100

Count along and get fit with Jack Hartmann. Once you have practised with the video do it on your own. Can you start at any given number?

Practise counting backwards too!

Bonds of 20, switchers and fact families

Like with number bonds of 10, we also need to learn the bonds of 20. Knowing our bonds of 10 can help us with this!

Listen to the song below and write down the bonds of 20 that you hear.

We already know that…

0+10=10 so 0+20=20 1+9=10 so 1+19=20 2+8=10 so 2+18=20.

Can you use the bonds of 10 to find all the bonds of 20?

Now write the switchers…1+19=20 so 19+1=20

Remember, to find the fact family we find 2 addition facts and 2 subtraction facts.

Example: 1+19=20 19+1=20 20-1=19 20-19=1

Can you write the fact families for all the bonds of 20?

Mental Arithmetic Test

Each week we would like you to complete an arithmetic test. You need to work out all the answers in your head. We would like you to do it on your own then get an adult to mark it. Let us know how you get on!

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