Entrepreneurship in Year 6 ….

Today Year 6 learned all about entrepreneurship in a session taught by Mrs Hartles. We were inspired by the perseverance of various entrepreneurs who really lived out a ‘rags to riches’ journey and became successful. We found out about J.K Rowling, and Levi Roots who showed that with hard work and determination, despite set backs, they made their millions!


We had a group task which involved making decisions about how to spend tokens we were given. We had 20 minutes to make pyramids from some sheets of templates but had to buy all our resources with the tokens. The idea was to use our tokens wisely and once the pyramids were made we could sell them for a profit. The time flew and we soon learnt that our decisions about what to buy and how to use he resources was important. The team that won the challenge were the ‘pyramids’ team in 6F coincidentally! Well done for the great team work!

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2 Responses to Entrepreneurship in Year 6 ….

  1. 1012010an says:

    it was great fun working as a group and trading our pyramids to make money. I would definitely do this again!

  2. 1012006m.a says:

    It was quite fun! But also stressful! I loved the part where I got to buy and sell!!I had a blast!

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