Green Tree Award


green tree

Miss Walker Highfield Primary Schools Eco/Forest Practitioner with the team of Eco/Woodland warriors was excited to receive the Gold Green Tree Award. The school have really enjoyed taking part and have planted lots of trees and hedges over the past four years free from the woodland trust. We have been working towards the gold award for a long time and now plan to aim for the platinum award. The school realises that the woodlands connects children with nature which is important to children’s development in a major way.


This year Highfield Primary School have worked and achieved the Eco-Schools flag and the Woodland trust Gold Green Tree award.

Reece Aimson year 5 states,” I have enjoyed being part of the Eco/Woodland team this year. We loved taking part in the nature projects and presenting the assembly about trees. I enjoy climbing the trees and building dens in them.”

Taylor Davies year 3 says, “This year I have loved planting trees, hedges, vegetables and flowers. I really enjoy gardening especially when we get toasted marsh mellows as a treat.”

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