PSA and library coffee morning

A big thank you to everyone who came to our library event this morning! There was a great turnout of parents, PSA members and children. All were amazed at how fantastic Highfield library looks with beautiful decoration, new books and furniture as well as our set of kindles.

Parents enjoyed using the kindles and speaking to other parents and staff as to how the resources will be used in school to support learning and enhance reading.

A reminder that after half term, the library will open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (3:15-3:45pm) where parents can enjoy reading with their child, (perhaps also taking advantage of our kindles) and take out books to read at home. This is a great opportunity for parents to enjoy some 1-1 time in our lovely new library.

A huge thank you goes to Mrs Tinsley and Miss Sawyer for their time and efforts, making the library into an area where our children will love reading!

Any donations of unwanted children’s books will be greatly received- thank you to those parents who offered this morning!



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  1. I really enjoyed looking round the new library yesterday. The decoration is fantastic and should really encourage the children to read.


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