School Council Spring Update

schcounSpring update:

The Buddy Stop:  People have told us that they’ve got no one to play with.  After Easter, the Buddy Stop will be in action at every playtime.  If you have no one to play with,  stand near the buddy stop and other people on the playground will be able to come and invite you to play with them.  You might even find another person to play with there.

Year 5 will be on both yards each playtime to act as PALS( Playtime activity leaders) and will lead, organise and help play games.  They will wear a special baseball cap.  If you’d like to play with them, please let them know or stand at the buddy stop and they will collect you.

Healthy schools:  We’ve sent a letter to grown-ups asking them to help us make healthy choices at playtime.  We’ve asked the kitchen to help us too with our school snack choices.

But we are still having a lot of children bringing crisps, chocolate and sweets to snack on at playtime.  How can we encourage people to bring healthy snacks for playground? What ideas have you got? Make sure you either share your ideas with your School Council Representative or leave a comment in the post below.

Seagulls: We have a lot of greedy seagulls who like our dropped food.  Please help to keep them away by picking up any dropped food and putting it in the bin. There are bins on both yards.  This will stop them from coming and pooing on us.

Any other Business: Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to look at next term.

Next meeting: First Friday back after Easter!!!!

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  1. 1012010zt says:

    It’s a good idea to have the buddy stop because this way it’s most likely no one will be left alone on the playground and I also think it would make a good difference when a few people walk across KS1 an KS2!

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