Highfield Donations to Mwanza Tanzania

In the autumn term school donated supplies to the charity Tanzania Bridge of Hope to assist in the start up of a school for children aged between 3 to 6 year old from poor backgrounds. Veronica, a member of the Farnworth Christian Fellowship church has been involved in this organisation for 17 years and through her friendship with Mrs Daniel-Sam, was given unused items from school to assist in the setting up of a new school. Education is not free in Tanzania and children who can speak English have an advantage in later life for better employment.

The pictures below show a typical school in Mwanza with oversized classrooms and very few resources:

DSCN1703 DSCN1766 DSCN1720 DSCN2181 DSCN2220 DSCN2893

The pictures below show the school which will open next month with the help of our school donations, the classroom sizes will be no more than 15 children and this has been made possible by support from Highfield and other sponsors.

IMG_3239[1] image imageimage

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