For week ending Friday 12th May our Stars of the Week are: 1F Florence Day 1H Millie McKenna 2F Amelia Coucill 2H Myah Heathcote 3F Tayla-Lilly Moran 3H Aleena Mahmood 4F Darcey Cam 4H Megan Walsh 5F Matthew Annesley 5H Jack Annesley 6F Darcy Haslam 6H Jawad Butt Well done to you all!

The following pupils have been nominated Star of the Week for their classes, well done to you all! 1F Katie Roe 1H Lucas Rollinson 2F Thomas Heaps 2H Allexa Berry-Worthington 3F Tia Jones-Hughes 3H Oliver Barry 4F Ashan Abdul 4H Matthew Swain 5F Ruby Lever 5H Chloe Walker 6F Astera Najim 6H Luke Moss