This Week’s Learning Ideas

Now we are all chocolated out, let’s get back to the Atlantic…

Let’s remember our counting skills, keep practising:

Count forwards and backwards in steps of 10 from any 2-digit number, i.e. 49, 59, 69 etc
Count in steps of multiples 2, 5, and 10 (from 0) forwards and backwards
Double numbers to 20
Halve even numbers to 20
Tell the time on an analogue clock
Learn times tables by heart: x10, x5 and x2
Count in steps of 3 from 0 (forwards)

Spelling Planet

We know how much you love the spelling planet and its activities. We have set up a class login for the ‘Spelling Planet Extra Zone’. Click on the link below to get the simple instructions.

Grace Darling

Click on the image of Grace Darling to watch her amazing story (created by the BBC).

Have a go at the activities:

Can you retell Grace’s story? Remember to make your writing exciting and use different punctuation marks. Can you include a question?

Can you draw the scene from the lighthouse window? Describe this scene thinking about what you might see, hear, smell, touch etc. Write this description or perhaps film yourself performing it.

Imagine you are a news reporter, what questions would you ask Grace?

Floating and Sinking

Some of you may have had a go at designing and making a boat that floats thinking about all our science materials learning.

Take your learning outside, can you find items and predict whether they will float or sink? Collect them from your garden or maybe when you’re on your daily walk. Could you make a boat from your collection?

Natural Masks

Let’s stay outside whilst the weather is so good. With whatever you have collected, could you create a mask or another picture using your natural collection?

Some more ideas…

Thinking about telling the time, make a ‘Human Clock’ or a large one in the garden. Can you make a time that is given to you? Can you tell the time when it is made?

QUARTER (OR 1/4) PAST 6 NOT 6:15
HALF (OR 1/2) PAST 9 NOT 9:30
A little fun science if you have a spare minute. Can you make a rainbow? Change the liquids for what you have at home. What happens?

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Learning Ideas”

  1. Thankyou for these new ideas of things to do, i was telling Tyler about them and he wanted to do them all straightaway. Today we have been doing some of the read write inc activities he has also been doing lots of activities geography using the link that was sent he really enjoyed doing the geography games.

    • I’m really glad he is enjoying what we are setting, it’s lovely to hear. We update the blog on a Wednesday but all the activities for the half term are on the Summer Term plan. We do throw extras in on a Wednesday though! Thank you for keeping in touch on here!
      Mrs Talbot

  2. Harry has been working really hard we have learnt about the shang dynasty, we have done English the firework makers daughter and retrieved information from text we have done a Spanish lesson learning numbers and maths learning about right angles, we went on a walk to find different coloured petals leaves and sticks to make a piece of artwork he has also been on numbots, times tables rock stars and he has made a chocolate machine.


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