This Week’s Fun!

International Nurses Day

Yesterday was International Nurses Day. It’s an annual celebration of Nurses and all the fantastic work they do. But do you know history of nursing? Do you know who started nursing as we know it today? Watch the video below. Can you write some questions to ask a friend or grown up about the information.

Stuck! By Oliver Jeffers

Watch the video of the author reading the story and have a go at a few of the activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Add speech bubbles to the characters and objects stuck up the tree. What might they be saying to each other? What might they be thinking? Consider different possibilities. Draw upon your own experiences of frustrating problems that have led to repeated – and failed – attempts at a solution.  Can you bring that level of frustration and/or determination to bear on what is said and how it is said?
  • Retell the story, with Floyd throwing different objects up into the tree. How can you make it progressively sillier or ever more improbable? What can you bring to throw that will be especially satisfying?  What do you think might ultimately save the day?
  • Use magazines or newspapers to collage a tree, stuck with bizarre people, objects and animals. Add some noun phrases to describe the objects.
  • Make a kite, like the one in the book. How will it decorated? Will you make use of symbols that echo the book or will they be more about you? Mind that your kite does not get stuck.
  • Write some humorous instructions: How to Unstick a Kite from a Tree. Don’t forget to add helpful tips, words of warning. Can you think of helpful tips or design features that will help in this regard. (Editor’s note: if you come up with a watertight design, do let us know. We can split the profits. It’s only fair). Don’t forget to include precise verbs and adverbs so that the kite will be made exactly to your specification. Precise noun choices will help too, but try to avoid too much detail.  Simple is often better in communicating a process.
  • Create a list poem using the objects that are stuck up the tree. To get you started, you could organise your ideas using the alphabet – first to list objects, then to generate descriptive detail. Poems are born to be read out loud – keep reading back to help you shape your Stuck poem. 

Happy unsticking!  Please do share with us any work that you produce based on these ideas. We’d love to see it.

More Magic Maths!

Games are a fantastic way to practise vital maths skills! Here is a new game ~ Race to 20! This game is great to practse the skill of adding single digit numbers. This is something that should always be practised as it will be used all the way through the juniors too in different areas of maths, including fractions and decimals!

There are so many opportunities for maths around your house. Have a look at the activities below:

Keep practising those times tables, you need to know them by heart!x2, x5, x10. If you think you’ve mastered them, look at the fact families and learn the division facts too. Please don’t move on to other tables yet!

Cracking Comprehension!

Given the change in the weather, our comprehension is based on a book called ‘Frost’. Have a go, rememebr to use what you have read to justify your answers.

And if you still have time for fun…

There are lots of empty tubes, cardboard boxes and bottles that you might like to use to make some lovely crafts. Here are some loo roll ideas (now that we can all get it):

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  1. Hi its Helen Tyler Walsh’s mum, hope you are all well. Where are the activities foe for the book stuck it doesn’t show any it just shows the video of the author reading the book.

    • Hi Helen,

      I’m not sure what happened there, they appeared on my editing screen but not on the actual blog! The wonders of modern technology!! They should be there now, directly under the video. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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