This Week’s Fun!

Here are the learning opportunities for this week. Don’t forget to look at the Summer Term plan for more activities too!

The Lighthouse

Have a look at this fabulous animation and think about the story it tells!

Reading and Discussion 

  • Opening scene, discuss the setting and the title – let children make predictions about the content.
  • Pause the film after the lighthousekeeper slams the window shut – what does he think about the people outside the window having fun?  Why does the author put this scene in? (to make you think the villagers are up to no good/untrustworthy)
  • How does the creator build up the tension in the film?
  • When the lighthousekeeper breaks the lamp, pause and discuss possible outcomes.


  • Write a newspaper story of the event; Include interviews with the lighthousekeeper, villagers and men from the boat.
  • Hot seating with lighthousekeeper ~ ask an adult to be the Lighthouse Keeper and ask them questions. Could you be the Lighthouse keeper and answer the questions.
  • Write some dialogue (speech) for the film.
  • Create a story board or story map to show the key events.
  • Write a recount of the events.
  • Write your own story where the problem is solved in a different way.
  • “Suddenly, the bright lighthouse flickered away to darkness. Astonished, horrified and confused the villagers froze: they froze with no idea of what had happened… “  COMPLETE THE STORY USING THIS OPENING!

Have a go at the activities below. You don’t need to print the sheets, just answer the questions! Remember the strategies that we learned when we were adding up and how important patterns are in maths? These will help you with ‘number bond patterns’. You will now be really good at your tables ~ have a go at using these arrays to solve the problems!


Have a read of the story below and remember how sharing your feelings is really important.

Our Comprehension!

Keyhole Art

  • Imagine you are in the lighthouse in the animation. What would you see if you looked through the keyhole? Draw the images you might see.
  • What would you like to see if you looked through a keyhole? Draw the image.
  • Create a silhouette of what you would see through a keyhole ~ rememebr how we created silhouettes earlier in the year.
  • What would see during Lockdown; perhaps draw a mwmory you have of something you have done. Maybe you would like to draw what you want to see when we are back to being together after lockdown.

Ask a grown up to take a photo of your fabulous creations and email it to me ( We could print them for a display when we are eventually allowed to be back in school! When we have some I will put a slideshow together of your ideas to share with everyone.

Here are some ideas that may help:

And if you still want more…

Have you ever hear of Escape Rooms? They are activity rooms where you have to solve problems in order to escape. Below is a link to a Harry Potter Themed Escape Room. Have a go with your family. Let us know how you get on.

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