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So sorry for the delay Little Lovelies, I couldn’t access the blog yesterday or any of my emails! Technology eh???

This Week’s Fabulous Fun!


Let’s start with a bit of RE. Many of you may know about Eid, an important Muslim festival. Many of you will have celebrated it or be celebrating it. Look at the activities below:

  • If you’re celebrating Eid write down how you have celebrated with family and friends and how this may have been different to usual.
  • Write a diary entry for the special day and the build up to it.
  • Tell us all about the two different Eid celebrations. Why are there 2? What is the difference? Does the moon play a part in the celebration? Perhaps you could film a report about this.
  • If you don’t celebrate Eid, find out about it using books from home, the internet or the video below. Write a report or film one. Send it to me if you’d like me to have a look.

Staying with RE, you might remember the Spirited Arts Competition which school entered last year. It is still happening this year. If you would like to enter, look at the information below and send your entry to me before 3rd July. This gives you lots of time to be creative, I know lots of you love art so have a go! (someone in my class won 2 years ago so let’s try to make is again)

Comparing Lengths is something we can have a go at this week! Below is an activity to try. You don’t need to print it out, just write your answers and the calculations down! I’ve also put on an answer sheet ~ just for Mums and Dads!

If you need a reminder about using < or > watch the UMIGO video!

Your next task is to think about 3D shapes. Which ones can you remember? Think about the properties ~ edges, faces, vertices.

Look at the video below to help jog your memory.

Whilst you are in the garden or on your walk, collect some sticks. Can you make 3D shapes with these? Can you turn them into a building ~ may be a castle with pyramids for turrets or cubes and cuboids for the main building? 

Leaf Man

This week’s story is a lovely story called ‘Leaf Man’. Listen to it below:

Can you retell the story of Leaf Man and his journey?

Where did Leaf Man go? Write an adventure for Leaf Man in some of the places he visited.

Where would your Leaf person/creature go? Write a new adventure for them or a diary entry of their journey.


Watch the Nessy video below all about apostrophes.

Make a list of contractions that you see in your reading activities across the week. Remember where the apostrophe goes.

Go on a woodland walk and collect a range of leaves. Use the leaf spotter sheet to identify the leaves you found.

Can you sort the leaves into groups based on their properties?

You could try this with the flowers you find on your woodland walk (only pick the ones that a grown allows you to).

Where do you live? Your home.

Do you know your address? What type of house do you live in? Locate your house on a map.

Draw a picture of the front of your home. Can you draw a floor plan of your house? Maybe you can make a floor plan of your home using lego? Look at your garden. Can you draw the layout of your garden?

Lego House Set Review By T and N Bricks - YouTube

A timeline shows events that have happened in the order that they happened ~ this is called chronological order!

Make a timeline of events that have happened in your life time. You could use words or pictures or both.

Links to science and English.

Leaf Man ~ Can you use your leaves to create your own leaf man or animal?

Listen and appraise: what can you hear? What pattern does the song have? Can you clap/tap/move to the pulse?

This week’s song: Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Log on to Purple Mash and have a go at composing your own music on 2Explore.

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