Let’s Continue on our Journey…

This week we will be watching a beautiful animation called ‘The Little Boat’. This will be our focus in English for the next two weeks. Watch it below:

A little, red boat is launched.  We don’t know who by or where but it sets off on a journey.  

Can you write a story about its journey. Where does it go? What does it see? How is it feeling? What is happening?

Remember to use full sentences and include adjectives, verbs and adverbs.



Let’s remember conjunctions. These are words which join two clauses to make a longer sentence. Write the sentences below and fill in the blank using the correct conjunction. Can you write your own sentences?

Apostrophes for Possession

Watch the video where Mr Thorne will explain apostrophes for possession. Last week we looked at apostrophes for contractions. What is the difference?

Set a one minute timer and see how many items you can collect in that time. Now write a list using apostrophes for possession, i.e.

  • Mrs Talbot’s sandwich;
  • Will’s car;
  • Mr Talbot’s sock;
  • Gracie’s sewing tin;
  • Mum’s biscuit;
  • Will’s workbook.


Place Value

Look at the representations of the numbers. thinks aboutb the VALUE of each digit.


How quickly can you solve the addition calculations? Keep practising to improve your fluency.

Can you solve these calculations where we are adding 3 single digits? Remember to look for bonds or doubles to help.

Subtraction ~ Find the Difference

A bit of both…


Tables Challengs… how quickly can you solve these multiplication calculations?

Ordering Numbers

What is an insect?

Draw and label an insect, make sure you label all the key parts that make insects what they are.

What is it like to live in Farnworth?

Where is Farnworth? What town/city/country/continent is it in?

Locate Farnworth on google maps.

What is there to do in Farnworth? What is the weather like?

Make some notes on the questions above and any other information that you think is important about Farnworth.

(You’ll need these for next week’s Geography challenge)!


Last week we thought about our lives and produced a timeline. This week I want you to interview a member of your family. Ask them to tell you the dates that significant things happened to them. You could video chat to them or phone them if they don’t live in your house.

You could even make a timeline of these events too!

Linked to science.

Can you create an insect using natural materials? Make sure you include all the body parts that you have found out about in science.

Have a look at the activities above that will keep your mind healthy.

This week’s track from our rock genre is:

Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf

Have a look at the music video whilst you listen and appraise.

I’d love to see you joining in with the chorus with your air guitar!

Take a look at the PE challenge below:

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