Our Weekly Activities!

Last week we looked at the animation ‘The Little Boat’. Watch it again and pause the video at different points. Where is the little boat? What can it see? What might it hear? What is happening?

Task: Think about the different scenes. Choose 3 of your favourite ones. Write a postcard from the Little Boat telling us where it has been. Pretend you’re the little boat, this will help you to write the postcard. Draw a picture on the front of your writing so it looks like a postcard. Postcards don’t tend to be long so think really carefully about the adjectives that you use to describe the scene.

Happy Holidays!


We have been looking at apostrophes. We started by recapping contractions and last week we thought about apostrophes for possession.

Read the poem ‘The Wizard’s Spell’. Look at the apostrophes and where they go. Can you write your own spell poem? It could be for a wizard, witch, ogre or any other magical creature.


Keep practising the Year 2 common exception words so that you’re ready for the spelling challenge in a couple of weeks.


Picture Maths

How much will you spend?

Word Problems

Read the problems carefully and think about what you need to do to solve them.

Revisit the woodland. This time have a look for mini beasts and other animals. What did you find? Did you find any insects?

Think about the place you found each of the mini beasts. Was it a dark and damp place or a light and dry place?

Use the MINIBEAST spotter sheet to help you.

What did you find out? Use your findings to help you to design and make a bug hotel. (See Art/Design)

Last week you thought about your local area, the place where you live. Make an information booklet to tell people all about where you live.

Writing A News Paper Report On Cinderboy - Lessons - Tes Teach
Try to include these features.

Last week you asked a family member some questions about their life. If you didn’t get chance to put these events on a timeline, have a go. Compare it to your timeline.

Linked to science

Design and make a bug hotel.

Remember to think about the habitat your mini beasts liked to live in.

You might spend this week planning your hotel and collecting what you’ll need. Make it next week.

Log on to Purple Mash. I have set you some ‘2 dos’. Have a go at the activities. They are based around patterns and music.

Purple mash 2 explore   Compose your own music.  Purple mash 2 sequence   Compose your own music.  

They are available for a week then I will log on to see what you’ve been up to!

This week’s track to listen to and appraise is:

‘Highway to Hell’ by ACDC

Can you find out about the band and write some information about them.

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