Some Activities for this Week…

Watch the story unfold ~ there are no words!

Journey is a fabulous story but there are no word! We will be focussing on this text for two weeks.

Task 1: Look at the different settings in the journey. Can you describe them? Use noun phrases and exciting vocabulary. Create a word bank and then write your description.

Task 2: As you explore the story, what clues can you see? What might they be telling you?

You might like to watch the story a few times, I’ll bet you notice more and more each time you watch.




Adding β€˜s’ or β€˜es’

Watch Nessy:

Can you spot any of these plurals in your reading books this week? Make a list of the root word and the plural suffix.


Multipilcation and Division

We know that our tables are very important to learn and that our focus for year 2 is x2, x5, x10 ~ remember we need to know the division facts too.

Using arrays can help us to work out tables that we are not familiar with yet and the division facts.

Look at our mathematical vocabulary too ~ product, factor, dividend, divisor, quotient.

Have a look at the robot below. He is made of arrays. What multiplication facts and division facts can you see?

Have a go at writing the fact families for each array.

Can you design your own picture using arrays? It could be a robot or a pirate ship! What about a castle made from arrays. Email me your creations, I’d love to see them!

Last week you went on a minibeast hunt and though about designing your own MInibeast Hotel.

Have a go at making one and see which minibeasts you can encourage into your garden!

What is it like in New York?

We have thought about Farnworth and where we live but what is it like in New York?

Where is New York? Locate it using google earth. What country is it in? What continent is it? What ocean would we need to cross to get there?

Recap oceans song.

Find out information about New York using the Internet.

Click above for information

Create a poster/information booklet/video to tell people all about New York.

Compare and contrast Farnworth and New York.

This is your task for the next three weeks so take your time. If you produce an video or leaflet, I’d love to see it!

This week’s Purple Mash task is set on your 2Dos again. Have a go at composing your own piece of music on 2Beat.

Practise your typing skills on 2Type.

This week’s rock track is:

Layla ~ Derek and the Dominos

Watch the video below. What can you tell me about the track? The era? How is it different from your favourite band?

Watch the video until about 3mins 48 secs!

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