Conitnuing with Journey!

There are lots of activities that we started last week that will continue this week. I hope you enjoyed the learning links.

Think about what you noticed in Journey last week. Watch the story again and see what other elements of the story you now see.

This week, we are thinking about dialogue. Pick some scenes from the story and write dialogue for that scene. Use inverted commas (speech marks) or speech bubbles. Maybe you could have a go at both. Here are a couple of examples:



Changing ‘y’ to ‘ies’.

Watch the video:

Look for words in your reading or when you’re on your daily exercise and list them, changing them to a plural. Check the spelling rules!



More Multiplication

Bright fresh blooms on stems near chalkboard with flowers title ...

Collect a range of flowers from your walk. Can you identify them? Compare and contrast two of the flowers you find.

Dissect a flower. Can you label the petals, roots, stem and leaves? Find out about what each part of the flower does.

Continue to research New York and complete your poster or information booklet.

Compare New York and Farnworth.

Linked to science and computing.

Look for patterns in the woodlands. Take rubbings of the bark you find. Copy patterns you find on the leaves. Photograph any patterns you find. You could make these photographs into a pic collage.

Patterns in Nature:

This week’s rock music track is:

You Really Got Me ~ The Kinks

What can you find out about this band? Do you like this track? What interesting ways can you keep the pulse?

Just for Fun…

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