Week 6

Hello Little Lovelies

Hoping you are all still well and working hard ~ I’m sure you are. Here are a range of activities for this week!

Watch the story for this week ~ ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ By Joe Todd-Stanton

Do you like the story? Why/why not? Describe your favourite parts.

TASK 1: Draw a story map of the events so you are able to retell the story.

TASK 2: Retell the story verbally to someone in your house. Remember to use expression and exciting vocabulary. Perhaps you could video your retell and share ot with family and friends or even me:


Spelling Challenge

Look at your list of Year 2 common exception words. Set a timer for 2 minutes and ask someone to test you. How many can you get in that time?

Good Luck!

Keep practising your tables ~ 10, 5 and 2 and count in steps of 3 from 0.

This week we have some lovely problem solving activities to keep you occupied!

Observational Drawing

Have a look at some different flowers. Pick your favourites and have a go at drawing them. Look really acrefully at the details and copy them exactly.

Next, choose different media ~ crayons/pencil/paint/pastels/pencil crayons etc. Choose 4 and draw the same flower in the different media.

Which looks best? Which was easiest to use?

Watch the music video of Bob Dylan singing ‘Like a Rolling Stone’.

Find the pulse and look at the video. How is is different to a concert that we might go to today?

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