Summer is Here…nearly!

Hello my little worker bees! I hope your are ready for our final, but most important challenges!

Here goes…


I’m starting with this challenge as I think it is the most important! I want you to create a collage that tells us all about you. This will be FANTASTIC to give to your new teacher in Spetember. I have created one as an example. You could use pic collage or cut out pictures/lettering and stick them onto a poster. Please keep them for your new teacher but send them to me too so I can see.

I’m sure yours will be better than mine! Get creating!

Watch and listen to the story of ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Diekmann

Task 1

Research and create a fact file/non-chronological report about polar bears. Remember to include headings, sub-headings, questions and exclamation sentences. How do polar bears adapt to their environment?

Task 2

Write a story about an animal ending up in the wrong habitat, just like Leaf did. What happens to them? How did they get there? How do they try to go home? Use exciting vocabulary and all the sentence types. What do the animals call the animal in your story? Why?

Your times tables will be key in Year 3 so continue to practise these and learn the facts by heart. Lear the muktiplication AND division facts for the 10, 5 and 2 times tables and practise counting in stpes of 3.

Here are some more super problem solving activities!


Thanks to Acacia for sending her fantastic spelling work to me ~ great job!

Can you improve your time? Can you spell all the Year 1 and 2 words?

Let me know how you get on!

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