This week we are looking at converting centimetres into metres.

For the second part of the week we will look at finding the perimeter of shapes.

First go through the power point to find out what to do.

Below is a reminder of what is in the power point.

Then there are 2 different levels a ‘mild’ version and a ‘hot’ version as a practise. You need to choose the one that you think will help you the most.

There are also answers and then a challenge.

If you are struggling there are some resources further down the link which will help you.

DAY 1/2 – Cm’s and M’s conversion

DAY 3/4 – Premier

Happy counting 🙂

4 thoughts on “Measures”

  1. Have your plants started to grow because if they have you could measure these too?
    Let me know how you get on.

    Mrs Campion xx

  2. Hi Mrs Campion,

    My strawberries have started to grow and yesterday I found a squirrel digging in the soil I think it smelt my strawberries!!! I have done all the work for this week and I am excited for more.

    Love Holly.

  3. Squirrels are such a pest! It’s a good job they are cute lol. I’ve spent the morning putting more work on the blog I hope you enjoy it?
    Look out for the lighthouse challenge on the science blog.

    Take Care
    Mrs Campion xx


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