Design a ‘Staying safe in the Sun’ Poster

This week we are going to look at how the light from the sun can be dangerous and also look at the different ways to protect yourself.

Sun Safety Colouring Picture - Stay Safe in the Sun - Free ...

Go through the power point about staying safe in the sun.

Make a poster to help people stay protected in the sun putting in all what you have learned.

Remember to make it bright and colourful and make the important facts stand out. You could do it in your home learning books or you could even create a poster on the computer.

Here are some examples to help you.

Why not try posting a picture of your poster so we all know how to stay safe in the sun?

Now we are at the end of our topic on light and shadows I thought I would give you a challenge to see exactly what you have remembered :

Below is the ‘Escape from the Lighthouse’ challenge, you need to work through the sheets and find the code to unlock the door.

Next week I will post the answers.

Power Point

Go through the power point and then go through the sheets where you will find the puzzle you need to solve.



Good luck I hope you escape!!

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