Recognising famous landmarks in the UK

Look through the site to see some of the different landmarks in the UK.

Have you been to any of these? If you have which was your favourite? Why?

Below are posters of famous landmarks.

Can you find out where they are in the UK and plot them on the map from last week.

Research some of the ones that you have not been to, which would you most like to visit, why?

Below is a map of the UK.

Write a short paragraph on either one you have visited or one you would most like to visit, saying either what you enjoyed about the visit or why you would like to visit the one you have chosen in particular.

You could also look at some world landmarks.

Have you been to any of these? If you haven’t, which of these would
you most like to visit and why?
Write a short paragraph saying why you would choose that particular

Below is a little challenge………. What/where are these 2 UK landmarks?

Stonehenge | English Heritage
History of Hadrian's Wall | English Heritage

Hopefully soon we will be able to go and visit these place again

Take Care

Mrs Campion xx

3 thoughts on “Recognising famous landmarks in the UK”

  1. Hi Mrs Campion,

    I have been to lot of the landmarks but there is still a lot I would like to go to. I have enjoyed doing this work on the landmarks over the past few days.

    Love Holly.

  2. Hi Holly,
    Which landmark is at the top of your list?
    I would like to go to London and see Buckingham Palace as I have never seen it!

    Take care
    Mrs Campion xx

  3. Hi Mrs Campion,

    My favourite landmark is the Clifton suspension bridge because if I was on it I could see the high view.

    Love Holly.


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