Roman Inventions Report

For the next 2 weeks we would like you to research Roman inventions and then create a non-chronological report about what you have found out.

What did they invent and are there any that are still used today?

Below are just a few sites that will help you discover exactly what the Romans did invent. However there are many more sites that will help you out there.

Once you have done some research choose 3 different inventions to write about, but first watch this video on how to write a non chronological report.

As you are writing your report use the success criteria below to help you.

I can write Non-Chronological Reports : Success Criteria 
I used clear, bold writing for my page title 
I included an introductory paragraph 
I included subheadings – some written as questions to interest the reader 
I used technical words to do with the subject 
I included labelled diagrams (if you want to) 
I wrote captions for pictures and diagrams 
I organised information into paragraphs 
I used present tense (or past tense for historical reports) 
I included facts or pieces of information written in sentences 
I used only factual adjectives 
I used full stops and capital letters in the right places 
I included a question to the reader, for example ‘Did you know?’ 

Remember that your report is about the past and will need past tense words.

There is a planning sheet if you want to plan your report first and then a sheet to write your report on. But remember that you don’t have to use these you can do the report in your home learning book instead.

Planing sheet

Frame to write on

Remember your report needs :

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • At least 3 paragraphs on 3 different inventions
  • A conclusion which summarises what you have written about

I am looking forward to seeing what the Romans invented 🙂

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