Mass – Reading Scales

Reading Scales: Mass – TeacherLED

This week we would like you to do some work on reading scales for mass.

First you need to work through the power point.

Once you have done that there are 2 sets of sheets, varied fluency and reasoning/problem solving.

For each set there are 3 levels……. ‘D’ = developing ‘E’ = expected ‘GD’ = greater depth

Choose the level that will challenge you.

Varied Fluency

Reasoning/problem solving.

Try these interactive game to help you read scales.

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  1. Hi Mrs Campion
    Ive just done the PowerPoint and one hot sheet and one medium sheet and some of the questions where tricky mummy helped me a bit. I like using scales i use them with my nana when we makes cakes.
    Love holly x


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