SPaG Revision

Compound Nouns List with Examples | GrammarEdge

Before you start the SPAG mat this week I want you to make a list of as many compound nouns you can. Let me know how you get on.

When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure - YouTube

Also before you look at the SPaG mat can you write a definition of what an apostrophe is and when they are used. ( No cheating, what can you remember without looking it up!)

This week we would also like you to look at the spellings from the Year 3/4 wordlist.

Get your family to test you, why not make some pyramid words…………an example is below

Pyramid Words | Spelling instruction, Spelling words, Words

If it helps you can print out the pyramid sheet below, but you don’t have to, you could just practice in you home learning logs.

Now have a go at the SPaG mat.

Remember there are three levels (1 star, two stars and three stars being the hardest)

Answers are provided.

Remember to keep practicing your spelling 🙂

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  1. Hi Mrs. Campion,

    I have just done this work it seemed tricky at first but then i did it! I have missed being in school a lot but ive had a great time at home!
    Love Holly


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