What was home life for the Romans like?

Research what the Romans ate.

Food and Meals in Ancient Rome - Cultural Presentation - YouTube

What they wore.

Ancient Roman Clothing

And what they did for entertainment.

Roman Entertainment-gladiators by Hugh+ Thomas!!! | Eddleston ...

Below are just a few sites to help you find out about the home life of the Romans.






You can choose how you want to display your research.
You could do it through pictures, a report, a poster or any other way you can think of.
Be creative.

And Finally……..

Games (You will need flash player) Follow the link and click on the tab that I have highlighted.


This will then take you this screen and there are 2 roman games and a link to lots of videos on the Romans.

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  1. Hi Mrs Campion,

    My favourite fact was that they ate different types of food.

    Miss 3F see you soon hopefully : )

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