R.E – What have we learned this term?

This week, we are going to reflect on what we have learned in R.E so far. There are 2 activities to choose from:

Activity 1: Make a poster of all the things you have learned about the Sikhs so far

Activity 2: Make a comparison chart between Sikhism and another religion learned this year. It could be comparing values, celebrations, clothing or something else!

2 thoughts on “R.E – What have we learned this term?”

  1. Hi Mrs Campion and Mrs Harris,

    I have just done activity 2 and finished all the work .Have a good summer see you in year 4.
    : )

    Love Holly.

    • Hi Holly,

      That’s great! You certainly have worked very hard!
      Have a great summer and we will see you soon!

      Mrs Harris


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