What was home life for the Romans like?

Research what the Romans ate. What they wore. And what they did for entertainment. Below are just a few sites to help you find out about the home life of the Romans. https://rome.mrdonn.org/ https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_rome.php https://www.ancient.eu/article/637/roman-daily-life/ https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_rome_food_daily_life.php https://www.historyforkids.net/roman-daily-life.html You can choose how you want to display your research.You could do it through pictures, a report, a … Read more What was home life for the Romans like?

Mass – Reading Scales

This week we would like you to do some work on reading scales for mass. First you need to work through the power point. http://blog.highfield.bolton.sch.uk/hly3/files/2020/07/Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Measure-Mass-1-edited.pptx Once you have done that there are 2 sets of sheets, varied fluency and reasoning/problem solving. For each set there are 3 levels……. ‘D’ = developing ‘E’ = expected ‘GD’ … Read more Mass – Reading Scales

Design a ‘Staying safe in the Sun’ Poster

This week we are going to look at how the light from the sun can be dangerous and also look at the different ways to protect yourself. Go through the power point about staying safe in the sun. http://blog.highfield.bolton.sch.uk/hly3/files/2020/06/Lesson-Presentation-Sun-Safety.ppt Make a poster to help people stay protected in the sun putting in all what you … Read more Design a ‘Staying safe in the Sun’ Poster

Addition and Subtraction

First go through the power point to find out what to do. http://blog.highfield.bolton.sch.uk/hly3/files/2020/06/Y3-Week-9-Day-1-Powerpoint-for-Teachers.pptx Below is a reminder of what is in the power point. Then there are 2 different levels a ‘mild’ version and a ‘hot’ version as a practise. You need to choose the one that you think will help you the most. There … Read more Addition and Subtraction