Design a ‘Staying safe in the Sun’ Poster

This week we are going to look at how the light from the sun can be dangerous and also look at the different ways to protect yourself. Go through the power point about staying safe in the sun. Make a poster to help people stay protected in the sun putting in all what you … Read more Design a ‘Staying safe in the Sun’ Poster

Addition and Subtraction

First go through the power point to find out what to do. Below is a reminder of what is in the power point. Then there are 2 different levels a ‘mild’ version and a ‘hot’ version as a practise. You need to choose the one that you think will help you the most. There … Read more Addition and Subtraction

Music ‘The Gladiator’

We would like you to listen really carefully to a piece of music from the film ‘The Gladiator’ Open the power point and follow the link on the second slide to listen to the music. You need to listen to changes in the speed of the beat, and write in you home learning books … Read more Music ‘The Gladiator’

Labelling Maps

Now you have reminded yourself about the continents of the world, we would like you to come much closer to home and label a map of the UK. Here is a map for you to label. Put on the capital of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Put the main cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, … Read more Labelling Maps