Week 2 Home Learning


This week for maths we are problem solving again. Have a go at some of these problems. Each problem involves using one or more of the four operations and some include using money. Just like last week, the second page is trickier than the first. I will post the answers later on in the week.



Using your research on the Ancient Egyptian Floods, write an explanation text about the cycle of the floods and how they were used by the Ancient Egyptians. Remember to use the features of explanation texts and try to include some of your year 6 targets.


Read The Egyptian Farmer again and answer the literal retrieval questions. Remember to use evidence from the text to explain your answer.

  1. Why does Egypt have so much fertile soil? What is inundation?
  2. Why does The Nile flood and how does flooding affect all aspects of Egyptian life?
  3. How did The Egyptians divide the year? How is this different from our seasons?
  4. Name at least three tools used in farming and irrigation.
  5. What were some of the dangers to crops?
  6. How did the cataracts affect the transportation of goods?
  7. Describe an Egyptian irrigation system.
  8. Name at least three ‘gifts of The Nile’. Why do you think they were described as ‘gifts?’
  9. Why was papyrus so significant to the Egyptians?


This week in science we will be looking at the Linnaean system for classifying species again. Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint to help you learn about how to use the Linnaean system to classify some species of animals that can be found in Egypt.



Take a look at the video and work through the activities on the pdf to help you identify the latitude and longitude of Egypt and other holiday destinations.

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  1. Hi Mrs Stark! I have been completing the work you have put on the blog! I wrote about the River Nile on Purple Mash when you put the template on. I have handed it in. Please could you read it and comment on it? Thank you! I miss you lots!
    From Eleanor😊😄

  2. Hi Mrs Stark

    I have done the problem solving Maths questions apart from 1, which I’m not sure about 🤔. Could you please let me know the answers when you get chance.

    Miss you ! Roxy xx


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