Week 3 Home Learning

This blog contains the home learning activities for English, Maths and Science for week 3.


This week in maths, we will be looking at statistics. In particular we will be reading and interpreting line graphs, drawing line graphs and solving problems for line graphs.

Have a go at some of the problems on the document below up to page 8.

Here is a good link for downloading graph paper.




Have a look at this text on Howard Carter’s discover of Tutankhamen’s tomb and answer the comprehension questions that go with it.


This week we will be preparing to write a magazine article. Use the text Tutenkhamun’s Gold to help you with the activities in the document below.


We will be using the next few weeks to consolidate our learning in SPaG. This week we will be looking at word class.

Use the PowerPoint to help you recap word class and have a go at the activities on the pdf sheets. I will add some more work on this later on in the week.


This week in science we are identifying the characteristics of different species.

Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint and complete the activities.

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