Bridgewater Hall

Wow! What a fantastic concert by the Halle. Which part of the concert did you enjoy the most? What did you think of the scratch and sniff cards?DSCN0712

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4 Responses to Bridgewater Hall

  1. jordanna says:

    Them scratch and sniff cards were very nice and the
    orchestra was very good so thank you for inviting us.
    We all had a great time! So thank you.

  2. Isabella says:

    We all loved it even though some people have experienced this before. I thank all the teachers for making this possible! This is a memory that I will never forget in my entire life!

  3. jordanna says:

    Grace said that them drummers were really
    good and she learnt some drum pieces.

  4. Libby f says:

    We loved the different smells of the sniff cards.
    The people at Bridge water hall was amazing and fun. I learnt alot about the drum.

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